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NGB History

The inspiration of James H. Burdett, the National Garden Bureau was born in 1920 in the wake of World War I. He perceived the increasing need of suburbanites for basic instruction in backyard gardening. Because of his unique background as both a former newspaper journalist and an advertising manager of a seed company, he appreciated the role of the media in public education. He pioneered the idea of enlisting horticultural writers and broadcasters in the noble effort of mass education to create a population of gardeners. In the process he improved the lives of citizens.

The Bureau came of age during World War II when the government encouraged homeowners to grow Victory Gardens. By means of annual posters promoting "Beauty and Abundance in Your Garden" and other materials, the Bureau promoted seeds and gardening on the home front. Then, the postwar years saw an emphasis on community beautification and the Bureau responded with a film, brochures, programs, and information sheets to help gardening communicators further this cause among the public. Incorporation as a not-for-profit organization soon followed.

The non-profit organization shall have a Board of Directors composed of twelve regular members. They shall serve for a period of two years with six Directors elected each year.

Board of Directors:

The Board makes all necessary rules and regulations consistent with law, the Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws, for the conduct of the affairs of this organization and the guidance of its officers and employees.


Membership is open to individuals, firms, or corporations of good reputation who are engaged in the production and/or sale of horticulture products for home gardens. Corporate and firm members may designate one person to represent them as more fully provided in the Bylaws. Continuation of membership is conditioned on continuing eligibility and payment of dues. Denial or exclusion from membership on the basis of any anti-competitive factor is not permitted by law and is contrary to the policy of the Organization.

Board Meetings

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors is held in January (in connection with the American Seed Trade Association Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference) for the purpose of organization, planning and transaction of other business. A second regular meeting of the Board of Directors is held in the summer in conjunction with the annual AAS meeting.

Membership Meetings

The Annual Membership Meeting shall be held at the same time and place as the meeting of the American Seed Trade Association Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference in January of each year for the purpose of electing Directors and for any other business that may arise. Special meetings of the members may be called at any time by the President of National Garden Bureau, Incorporated or by a majority of its Directors.

Past President
Claire Watson
Ball Horticultural Co.

Heather Kibble
Sakata Seed America

Mike Connelly
American Takii, Inc.

Vice President
Tim Hodson
Great American Publishing

Executive Director
Diane Blazek
National Garden Bureau



Rebecca Lusk
The Dummen Group

Jeanne Svob
Griffin Greenhouse Supply

John Fendley
Sustainable Seeds

Ryan McEnaney
Bailey Nurseries

Mike Lizotte
American Meadows

Jeannine Bogard
Syngenta Flowers, Inc.