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Throughout the NGB website, you can add items to your personal list. When you're ready to go shopping simply take your MyList page to your local nursery or garden center to have complete variety information at your fingertips.

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You do not currently have any items in your list. Click on the featured varieites below or visit the New Varieties area to find items to find the complete list of available varieties.

Featured Varieties

  • Gazania ‘Big Kiss™ White Flame’ F1
    ‘Big Kiss’ large brightly colored shapely 4.5-inch blooms really pop as they are held high above the foliage by strong stems. These full, bushy plants 8 to 10 inches tall and wide will fill containers quickly. The new ‘Big Kiss’ series is available in 2 unique, bold colors and patterns and a mix. Loves the heat and adapts to water stress. You will want to grow this annual in your sunny garden or container.
  • Gerbera 'Royal Bicolor Red'

    Bicolor Red is an exciting addition to the Royal series of Gerbera. Flowers are primarily a vibrant red with a ring of white at the center of the flower. Plants bloom continuously so there are always open flowers with more on the way.  

  • Leucanthemum 'Bridal Bouquet'

    What bride wouldn't be happy to bring in a bouquet like this; lightly ruffled, double, broad-petaled white flowers which are bright yellow when the first emerge. The habit is super compact and the blooms don't have that "Shasta smell."

  • Gaillardia 'Arizona Apricot' AAS 2011 Winner

    AAS Winner Gaillardia ‘Arizona Apricot’ offers a new color for this class. Blooms are lighter in color than traditional gaillardia with yellow edges that deepen to a rich apricot center. ‘Arizona Apricot’ is free-flowering, blooming heavily the first year, covering the plant with bright blooms that look great in mass. This long-flowering perennial is hardy in USDA Zones 2-10, and is relatively maintenance free, and drought-tolerant once established. Gardeners will want to remove old flowers to encourage additional blooming.

  • Zinnia 'Art Deco'

    These large 5" fully double zinnias in shades of pink, lavender, and royal purple add an "artsy" fun color palette to the garden. They look fabulous in mass plantings, and their blooms will power all through summer up to the first fall frost. At a striking 2'-3' tall, they are excellent as a border planting, in large containers, or as a gorgeous backdrop to shorter plants. They can also be used for stunning cut flower or dried bouquets.

  • Geranium 'Calliope® Burgundy'

    Extremely well-branched, vigorous mounding habit is ideal for baskets, large pots and landscape applications. Large semi-double flowers with stunning color; blooms in full sun or part shade locations. A true Heat Lover.

  • Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly'

    From Burpee Home Gardens

    'Sparks Will Fly' Begonia has dazzling tangerine flowers that shoot forth from bronze foliage. Great choice for brightening up shady garden areas, and ideal in intimate patio containers. 'Sparks Will Fly' is maintenance-free for easy gardening and decorating. Plant blooms until frost; flowers flush yellow in Fall.

  • Impatiens ‘NGI SunPatiens® Spreading Salmon V/L’
    Impatiens for the sun! Full Sun NGI with variegated foliage that does not burn. Light salmon colored 2-inch blooms rise above the 6 to 7 inch tall plant with a spread of 20 to 21 inches. A beautiful addition to a full to part sun location. Tolerant to heat, cold, frost, wind and rain - this variety keeps on blooming.