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Throughout the NGB website, you can add items to your personal list. When you're ready to go shopping simply take your MyList page to your local nursery or garden center to have complete variety information at your fingertips.

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You do not currently have any items in your list. Click on the featured varieites below or visit the New Varieties area to find items to find the complete list of available varieties.

Featured Varieties

  • Impatiens 'Super Sonic® Orange Ice'

    'Super Sonic Orange' Ice New Guinea impatiens is an ideal choice for busy home gardeners. These low-maintenance plants feature a full-bodied growth habit that is well-suited to garden beds and large containers. The Super Sonic series displays huge flowers - up to 3" across - for a high-impact color show. The Super Sonic series rates consistently high in independent trials across the country, so consumers can count on reliable performance all season long.

  • Viola 'Floral Power® Lilac Rose White Centre' F1

    Ideal for early spring, 'Floral Power Lilac Rose White Centre' produces an abundance of round-shaped thick petaled blooms on compact, yet vigorous, plants.

  • Verbena Wicked Cool Blue

    The flowers of 'Wicked Cool Blue' verbena feature a striking contrast between bright white and vivid blue. Perfect for adding interest to mixed plantings, this verbena will play well with others and bloom non-stop all summer.

  • Nasturtium ‘Double Delight Cream’
    The best top-flowering double nasturtium in Thompson & Morgan trials! Fabulous double to semi-double, large creamy yellow flowers with a hint of lime contrast beautifully with the mid-green bushy foliage. Very easy to grow annual will flower all summer. The 2-inch creamy blossoms cover the tops of plants 12 inches tall. Enjoy blooms 70-84 days from sowing seed in a sun to partly sunny garden.
  • Marigold, French Chica series - Gold, Yellow, Orange™

     Large flower size for this class of French Marigolds, flower prolifically through the hottest weather and provide color when it is needed most.

  • Coleus 'Wasabi'

    This is one 'Wasabi' you can't have too much of! Durable and rugged, Wasabi’s brilliant color and serrated leaves hold up in sun or shade without fading or spotting. Wasabi is the perfect trendy chartreuse background for hot pinks and intense purples in the garden or container.

  • Gaillardia ‘Mesa Yellow' F1

    The first F1 gaillardia from seed delivers a more uniform plant with more flowers than other varieties. This vigorous drought, wind and rain resistant plant won’t get loose and floppy. Attractive neatly mounded plants reach 16 to 18 inches tall and spread 20 to 22 inches in full sun. Bright yellow 3-inch daisy like flowers won't fade. First year flowering perennial (to zone 5) blooms in spring 120 days from sowing seed.

  • Celosia 'Arrabona Red'

    'Arrabona Red' is a well branched plumosa type celosia with a stunning new red-orange bloom color. Tolerates drought and loves the heat. Great for tropical, subtropical and continental climates. Exceptionally long-flowering in borders and containers. New from PanAmerican Seed.