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Throughout the NGB website, you can add items to your personal list. When you're ready to go shopping simply take your MyList page to your local nursery or garden center to have complete variety information at your fingertips.

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You do not currently have any items in your list. Click on the featured varieites below or visit the New Varieties area to find items to find the complete list of available varieties.

Featured Varieties

  • Cyclamen 'Sweetheart™ Sensation'

    Vigorous and fast growing, this lovely hardy Cyclamen will charm its way into your heart. Hexagonal to octagonal leaves are silver centered with a dark ring around the edge. Large pink flowers on short stalks from August to November.

  • Dahlia ‘Dahlinova® California’
    The new yellow/red bicolor dahlia is an outstanding variety and one of a uniform series with a complete color range. This dahlia will flower constantly throughout the summer. It has a very distinct color combination that will cheer-up every garden! Upright plants reach 11 inches tall, and are heat, cold, wind and rain tolerant. Grow this beauty in any garden location from sun to shade.
  • Rose ‘Pink Home Run®’
    Eye-popping electric pink blooms contrast beautifully with the dark green plant. Single 2-inch diameter blooms cover the compact, bushy 3-foot tall plant. Heat and cold tolerant shrub rose. Grow this heat and cold tolerant perennial shrub rose in full sun locations.
  • Impatiens Bounce Violet

    Selecta introduces all-new genetics of interspecific impatiens for shade garden confidence. Bounce is a strong-performing impatiens for sun and shade gardens. It is highly resistant to Impatiens Downy Mildew with an appealing habit and flower count. As the names imply, they “bounce” back after wilt. Available in several colors and a great alternative to I. walleriana. The Bounce variety is shorter and compact, while Big Bounce is more vigorous and taller in the garden.

  • Buddleia 'Flutterby'

    From Ball Ornamentals

    Planting nectar bush attracts butterflies, bees and other pollinators to your garden. Its fragrant flowers are richly colored and bloom continuously from early Summer until frost. Tolerant of drought and heat, plant 'Flutterby' Buddleia on embankments, in landscape borders, or in large-size containers.

  • Hydrangea L.A. Dreamin'

    L.A. Dreamin' from Ball Ornamentals is the first Hydrangea macrophylla to show Blue, Pink and every color in between on the same plant. No need to add any aluminum sulfate or special fertilizer to your soil, this plant takes the guesswork out of growing pink-and-blue hydrangeas. It has great reblooming power, too. Hardy in zones 5 to 10. It's a gardener's dream come true with a multi-color show all summer long.

  • Penstemon 'Arabesque Red’ F1 AAS 2014 Regional Winner

    Another AAS Winner for the pollinator garden that the hummingbirds will love! Plus, the first ever penstemon to become an AAS Winner in more than eighty years of trialing. This beauty is a season-long repeat bloomer with large tubular blooms almost one inch across on strong vigorous stems. ‘Arabesque Red’ is best started indoors then transplanted for a longer bloom time. Great for combination containers and can be used as an annual or as a perennial for gardens in zones 6-9.

    Heartland region, Mountain/Southwest region, West/Northwest region

  • Petunia Easy Wave Yellow®

     This year we've introduced the fist Yellow in the Easy Wave spreading petunia collection! The plants are fast-growing and bloom freely all season in your garden and in hanging baskets and pots. An easy way to add color to your outdoor living space. Also new for 2016 is Easy Wave Pink Passion and Easy Wave Silver. Mix Wave colors together for your own special color palette, or blend with any sun-loving flower for a great trailing component in your mixed container.