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Throughout the NGB website, you can add items to your personal list. When you're ready to go shopping simply take your MyList page to your local nursery or garden center to have complete variety information at your fingertips.

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You do not currently have any items in your list. Click on the featured varieites below or visit the New Varieties area to find items to find the complete list of available varieties.

Featured Varieties

  • Gazania ‘Big Kiss™ White Flame’ F1
    ‘Big Kiss’ large brightly colored shapely 4.5-inch blooms really pop as they are held high above the foliage by strong stems. These full, bushy plants 8 to 10 inches tall and wide will fill containers quickly. The new ‘Big Kiss’ series is available in 2 unique, bold colors and patterns and a mix. Loves the heat and adapts to water stress. You will want to grow this annual in your sunny garden or container.
  • Angelonia Serenita™ Pink F1 AAS 2014 Winner

    Elegant yet tough plants bring long-lasting color with very little maintenance. These look beautiful in mixed combos on the patio or create a soothing sea of soft color in the landscape. Heat-tolerant plants.  Deer and rabbit resistant. Grows 12-14"  tall by 12-14" wide.

  • Geranium 'Pop Idols® Lilac Eye'

    A new series of compact plants that are excellent for six-packs and small pots. The small, dark green leaves make a nice contrast with the bright colors. This series consist of five colors: Red, Lilac Eye, White, Salmon and Neon Pink.

  • Calendula 'Costa'

    Calendula 'Costa' is an ideal companion for Pansy and Viola in spring and fall. It comes in 3 bright colors - Yellow, Light Yellow and Orange. 'Costa' prefers cool sunny spots in the garden either in ground beds or containers and will flower season long with minimal care. The petals are edible and can be scatterted into salads for an added consumer benefit. 

  • Geranium 'Divas Petticoat'

    Horizon Divas are the varieties with real Wow! factor. Petticoat is the latest edition to the series with it's subtle but striking, bicolor flowers which are blush white on the face and rosey red on the reverse. It is perfect for bright sunny locations from later spring through till first frost and needs minimal water to thrive. Dead heading will keep it looking clean all season long and encourage more flowers to come through. 

  • Impatiens SunPatiens®  Compact Pink

    Compact SunPatiens® are dense, bushy plants that are well-branched and covered with flowers. They grow 24” to 36" tall and equally wide in the garden and slightly shorter (18-24" tall) in containers and baskets. In the garden, the Compact series is early to flower and well behaved with an upright, beefy habit.  Compact SunPatiens are the perfect choice for exceptional patio pots and hanging baskets as well as the garden.

  • Dianthus 'EverLast'

    From Selecta

    'EverLast' Dianthus gives you more days of color. It flushes early in Spring, blooms late into Summer, and flushes again in Fall. Extremely floriferous in each season. Very fragrant in vibrant shades of pink and burgundy. Zone 4 cold-hardy plants flower like an annual with the hardiness of a perennial.

  • Ornamental Kale 'Glamour Red' F1 AAS 2011 Winner

    This is All-America Selections’ first winning kale (edible or ornamental) in seventy-eight years of trialing! ‘Glamour Red’ is an excellent achievement in breeding for its unique shiny leaves. The waxless quality of the leaves makes them shiny with a more intense, vivid color as compared to existing ornamental brassicas. Judges noted that the shiny foliage is striking in the landscape and it out-performed comparisons with outstanding success. It is a fringed leaf type Brassica oleracea with flower head size of 10 to 12 inches. This full sun annual will bloom 90 days from sowing seed to first color. Leaf coloring begins when night temperatures fall below 55 degrees fahrenheit for approximately two weeks. Expect good disease tolerance in all regions and frost tolerant blooms from November to March in warmer climates.