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Throughout the NGB website, you can add items to your personal list. When you're ready to go shopping simply take your MyList page to your local nursery or garden center to have complete variety information at your fingertips.

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You do not currently have any items in your list. Click on the featured varieites below or visit the New Varieties area to find items to find the complete list of available varieties.

Featured Varieties

  • Geranium Pinto Premium Lavender Rose

    Pinto™ Premium geranium Lavender Rose has large, rosy flowers have a slight undertone of lavender. Pinto Premium performs well in full sun in both pots and in the landscape. It’s a hearty plant that can hold up to hot summer weather and add bright, eye-catching color to the garden. Pinto Premium is a low maintenance garden favorite, flower heads that don’t need to be deadheaded when blooms are done.

  • Geranium ‘Regal Elegance™ Purple Majesty’
    Large light pink/purple bicolor flowers with a free branching habit to produce an attractive pot and garden plant. Upright medium green plant reaches 11 inches tall and spreads 9 inches. Cold and drought tolerant, this annual will add elegance to any part sun to shade location.
  • Rose Above and Beyond™

    This new large-flowered climber is a rose for colder climates, combining extreme cane hardiness, prolific and reliable spring flowering, warm flower color and vigorous growth. Clusters of five or more orange flower buds per stem open into apricot colored semi-double to double flowers. Plants bloom heavily in mid to late spring with sporadic repeat flowering in summer. With extreme cane hardiness, Above and Beyond™ is a dependable climber or large free-standing shrub in colder regions. Very resistant to fungal diseases.

  • Geranium 'Grand Idol Pink'

    Great variety for hanging pots, window boxes, patio decorative pots and as ground cover on hill sides, along walkway. It will also climb on your fence. Plant stays in flowers for whole year in southern parts of USA.

  • Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol Red Emperor'

    'Red Emperor' is the latest addition to the Sun Parasol Giant Group, which features gorgeous, vigorous mandevillas with large flowers. Even more gorgeous than 'Giant Crimson,' 'Red Emperor' is a new premium mandevilla with highest number of large, striking red flowers. Bred by Suntory Flowers, 'Red Emperor' plants were selected for outstanding disease resistance.

  • Viola 'Floral Power® Pink with Yellow Lip' F1

    Ideal for early spring, 'Floral Power Pink with Lemon Lip' produces an abundance of round-shaped thick petaled blooms on compact, yet vigorous, plants.

  • Begonia 'Ikon Bronze' F1

    'Ikon Bronze' is a true performer. The rich, bronze foliage contrasts beautifully with the blush white flowers and the vigorous spreading/mounding habit makes it ideal for containers, baskets and ground beds, either on it's own or in combinations. It thrives in sunny or shady spots and can tolerate high heat and humidity with minimal care. Dead heading is not required as it is self-cleaning and drops it's dead flowers through the season. 

  • Pansy  'Plentifall White'

    Plentifall Pansies spread and trail vigorously to fill and cover cool-season hanging baskets. It’s the perfect choice as a “spiller” in mixed containers or as groundcover. Plentifall has medium-size blooms in crisp colors of Lavender Blue, Purple Wing, White, and a Mix. It holds up well in rain and chilly weather. Watch it trail over large containers or garden borders. Bred for excellent overwintering qualities as well.