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  • 2015: Year of the Coleus
    Coleus has a long history of use in our gardens as a foliage plant and has gone through various phases of popularity over the past couple of centuries. The relative ease of establishment after planting combined with a wide range of selections has made coleus indispensable in the garden and popular in the container as well.
  • 2015: Year of the Gaillardia
    Some of our best garden flowers started in the New World, went to Europe for culture, then returned to great acclaim. Gaillardia is one of these. Its daisy flowers usually come in shades of red or orange with fringed rays that look like their tips have been dipped in yellow paint. Plants bloom heavily from summer through fall, don’t mind the heat, and prosper with less water than most other high-performance flowers.
  • 2015: Year of the Sweet Pepper
    Sweet peppers bring a rainbow of colors and a plethora of shapes to the table. It is easy to value them for looks and flavor alone, but the sweet pepper is a nutritional powerhouse as well. Peppers have high nutrient levels at any stage but are the most beneficial when eaten fully ripe.
2015: Year of the Coleus - Abbey Road


2015: Year of the Gaillardia - Gaillardia aristata


2015: Year of the Sweet Pepper - Admiral Yellow



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