• Pepper, Chile 'Basket of Fire'
Pepper, Chile 'Basket of Fire'


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Pepper, Chile 'Basket of Fire'

Capsicum frutescens

Pepper, Chile 'Basket of Fire'

Capsicum frutescens

The first true hanging basket pepper! Spicy hot peppers add color and character as they turn from cream to orange and maturing to red. The small leaves don’t hide the fruit which pop from under the foliage. The basal branches of ‘Basket of Fire’ cascade as they develop while new growth continues to fill the top for a well rounded appearance. ‘Basket of Fire’ matures in 90 days.

The Floranova mission is to deliver a world class service by combining the best in plant genetics with outstanding customer services and marketing support.

Address: Norwich Road, Foxley
City: Dereham
State Norfolk
Zip/Postal Code: NR20 4SS
Country: United Kingdom


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