• Impatiens 'Super Sonic® Orange Ice'
Impatiens 'Super Sonic® Orange Ice'


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Impatiens 'Super Sonic® Orange Ice'

Impatiens hawkerii

Impatiens 'Super Sonic® Orange Ice'

Impatiens hawkerii

'Super Sonic Orange' Ice New Guinea impatiens is an ideal choice for busy home gardeners. These low-maintenance plants feature a full-bodied growth habit that is well-suited to garden beds and large containers. The Super Sonic series displays huge flowers - up to 3" across - for a high-impact color show. The Super Sonic series rates consistently high in independent trials across the country, so consumers can count on reliable performance all season long.

Syngenta Flowers is the global market leader in the breeding and production of seeds and cuttings for high-quality pot and bedding plants. With our broad and innovative assortment including Goldsmith seeds, GoldFisch vegetative and Yoder mums, we are committed to being the partner of choice for young plant raisers and professional growers.

Phone: (408)847-7333
Fax: (408)848-5429
Website: www.syngentafhg.com
Address: 2280 Hecker Pass Highway
City: Gilroy
State CA
Zip/Postal Code: 95020
Country: USA


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