• 2015: Year of the Coleus
    Coleus has a long history of use in our gardens as a foliage plant and has gone through various phases of popularity over the past couple of centuries. The relative ease of establishment after planting combined with a wide range of selections has made coleus indispensable in the garden and popular in the container as well.
  • 2015: Year of the Gaillardia
    Some of our best garden flowers started in the New World, went to Europe for culture, then returned to great acclaim. Gaillardia is one of these. Its daisy flowers usually come in shades of red or orange with fringed rays that look like their tips have been dipped in yellow paint. Plants bloom heavily from summer through fall, don’t mind the heat, and prosper with less water than most other high-performance flowers.
  • 2015: Year of the Sweet Pepper
    Sweet peppers bring a rainbow of colors and a plethora of shapes to the table. It is easy to value them for looks and flavor alone, but the sweet pepper is a nutritional powerhouse as well. Peppers have high nutrient levels at any stage but are the most beneficial when eaten fully ripe.
2015: Year of the Coleus - Abbey Road


2015: Year of the Gaillardia - Gaillardia aristata


2015: Year of the Sweet Pepper - Admiral Yellow



Plant a Pollinator Garden and Join the Challenge!


National Garden Bureau is proud to be part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. More than 25 organizations have formed the National Pollinator Garden Network, a coalition with a goal of getting 1 million Americans to plant a pollinator friendly garden, raised bed, container or window box.

Click here for National Wildlife Federation's tips to create a wildlife habitat.       Click here for Pollinator Partnership's planting guides.                                         Click here to shop for pollinator-attracting plants from NGB members. 

Install any nectar or pollen producing plant then register your pollinator garden at this collaborative share site.

Bee one of a million who cares about the plight of our pollinators. #polliNATION




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National Garden Bureau, American Beauties and Midwest Groundcovers Install Pollinator Habitat of Native Plants at Growing Solutions Farm

American Beauties Native Plants, in partnership with grower Midwest Groundcovers, just donated 220 pollinator-friendly native plants to Chicago’s Growing Solutions Farm, a vocational therapeutic garden for young adults with autism. In 2014 National Garden Bureau hosted a fundraiser to support Growing Solutions Farm. By the end of 2014, NGB was able to donate over $44,000 in cash, products and supplies to the Farm.

On August 20th the young adults who work and get vocational training at Growing Solutions Farm installed those plants in a raised-bed pollinator-friendly bunker surrounding the edible gardens that make up the farm.

 “Last year during the IGC Show, I took several guests over to Growing Solutions Farm. One of those guests, Peggy Anne Montgomery, was so inspired by this project that she and American Beauties Natives worked with Midwest Groundcovers to make this donation a reality. It’s so nice that the farm now has the plants they need to create a haven for the pollinators that work so hard in the vegetable gardens.” Diane Blazek, National Garden Bureau.

“American Beauties is all about giving back and education. We couldn’t think of a more worthy cause. This is a phenomenal program!” – Peggy Anne Montgomery, Brand Manager American Beauties.

“When Midwest was approached about supporting this project, we were all-in and wanted to give back in any way.  Seeing the results of this project and the lives that are positively impacted by Growing Solutions Farm warms my heart.”  - Jill Bondi, Marketing Manager Midwest Groundcovers.

For more information about Growing Solutions Farm, click here.


  • Petunia Easy Wave Velour Red

    How about a little drama! Easy Wave Velour spreading petunias have deep, dark texture and fashion-forward color. So glamorous your other plants may snap a selfie with it! Plant this fabulous petunia anywhere you'd like to add opulence and luxury: Perfect for a centerpiece display on your patio, or trailing from hanging baskets overhead. Give it sun and feed it regularly for lush, vigorous blooms through the summer. Watch it spread like the Waves you love! Available in Red, Burgundy, and Berry.

  • Gaillardia 'Red Sun'

    Broad petalled "suns" of hot orange-red float over the mounded foliage of this blanket-flower. 'Red Sun' is tolerant of poor soil and the hottest sun. Plant is ten inches tall and 20 inches wide.

  • Pepper ‘Classic’ F1
    ‘Classic’ is a thick-walled green to red bell pepper. This variety produces near greenhouse quality fruit on garden grown plants. With smooth, flat shoulders and even lobes, ‘Classic’ ripens to an outstanding deep, dark red. Plants are 3 feet tall. Disease resistance to Bacterial Leaf Spot 1, 2 & 3 will increase the bounty of these good flavored dark red peppers. Harvest large to extra large peppers 80 days from sowing seed.
  • Zinnia 'Profusion Sunrise Mix'

    Profusion produces masses of flowers, continually forming new layers of bloom so plants always look fresh and clean. Tolerant of both mildew and alternaria, Profusion blooms in abundance until the first frost.  Profusion is ideal for most garden beds, being drought tolerant and thriving in both cool and warm season climates.  With an excellent plant habit and garden performance, Profusion is the perfect selection for most gardening applications. 'Profusion Sunrise Mix' provides a combination of bright colors, Fire, Yellow & White for most any garden scheme. 'Profusion is always a perfect color in mixed containers.



  • Tomato 'Caramba'

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